James is a member of the HPC Storage and Archive group within the National Center for Computational Sciences (NCCS).

Previous to joining the Storage and Archive group, he was a member of the NCCS Infrastructure and Networking group where he helped to architect, support, and modernize various infrastructure technologies that are vital to the large clusters and supercomputers within NCCS. Before that, he was a long-time intern with the User Assistance and Outreach group, as well as a short summer-long stint with the Future Technologies group, where he helped develop features for the ASPEN performance modeling language. While in the User Assistance Group, he helped develop and deploy user tutorials, documentation, and more notably, a more modern process for software deployment on Titan, and other of the clusters and supercomputers within NCCS.

Currently, in his role as an HPC Linux Systems Engineer on the Storage and Archive group, James focuses his time on helping run and maintain the High Performance Storage System (HPSS) as well as other warm- and cold-storage systems.

R&D Activities Contributions

Spack - Spack is a multi-platform package manager that builds and installs multiple versions and configurations of software. It works on Linux, macOS, and many supercomputers. Spack…


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