Héctor is a postdoctoral research associate in the Advanced Computing for Chemistry and Materials group in the Science Engagement section at the National Center for Computational Sciences (NCCS). Héctor’s Ph.D. focused on Theoretical and Computational Chemistry, in particular, on the development, computational implementation and applications of electron propagator theories, a many-body quantum field theory framework capable to correctly describe molecular systems.

Héctor has a broad professional technical training in computational chemistry, theoretical chemistry, applied mathematics, molecular physics, machine learning, natural language processing, information theory, lean six sigma, project management and process management, as well as experimental experience in electrochemistry, physical and chemical separation techniques, and solution thermodynamics.

Héctor current research interests include the development of new computational approximations based on the Full Configuration Interaction conceptual referents, the design of new parallel implementations of ab-initio quantum chemistry theories, and the elucidation of the electronic correlation phenomena in atoms and molecules. Héctor’s focal point is the creation and expansion of efficient computational tools that can be used by computational and experimental scientist to interpret and clarify molecular phenomena where electron transfer processes are present.