Daniel is a Linux Systems Engineer on the Compute and Data Environment for Science (CADES) Team focused on improving and maintaining the OpenStack Private Cloud for research. Prior to joining ORNL, Daniel spent most of his career working as a Software Configuration Manager focused on Build and Release automation and regularly helped to build and maintain build clusters for developers and release automation. After that he spent 2 years shifting focus to private Cloud Automation/Administration, and one year on automation to stand up next generation GPS ground control system. During this year he also started live streaming his personal project of a private cloud in his home in order to foster a learning environment around the private cloud.

Daniel has a B.S. degree in Game and Simulation Programming from DeVry University. When not at work, he enjoys video games, table-top games, and technical personal project including but not limited to: Home Automation, Machine Learning, and Private IT Infrastructure.


DeVry University
Game and Simulation Programming
Bachelor of Science (B.S.)

R&D Activities Contributions

CADES – Compute and Data Environment for Science - CADES is an ORNL facility to support R&D staff’s scalable computing and data analytics needs—making a research computing toolkit available to every research scientist. CADES…