Cindy began her career with Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) in 1989 as an EDP Control Assistant for Lockheed Martin Energy Systems, the ORNL managing contractor at the time. Three years later, she began working in the ORNL Data Center as a Data Center Operator where she worked through many iterations of the ever-changing world of computers. Cindy has had the opportunity to work with many supercomputers during her time at ORNL. Although the data center operators were outsourced from 1999 through 2020 to sub-contractors, she continued to work in the ORNL Data Center. Cindy is very happy to once again be an employee of ORNL as she continues her career in the ORNL Data Center. Cindy has an Associate degree in Computer Science.

Outside of work, Cindy enjoys spending time at the beach, sports, gardening, classic cars, and remodeling her 1930 farmhouse.

Cindy is located in building 5600, E102-B, and can be contacted at 574-5310 or