Ashley Barker is the Section Head for Operations for the National Center for Computational Sciences (NCCS) located at Oak Ridge National Lab (ORNL). The NCCS Operations Section ensures the functionality, performance, and usability of new NCCS systems and provides technical support, training, documentation and tools to NCCS users of operational systems. They develop and maintain large software applications and tools, provide access through these applications to the computational resources inside of the division, and provide platforms-as-a-service to NCCS users and staff so that they can develop their own applications that run on NCCS systems. Finally, the Operations Section showcases NCCS capabilities and OLCF user research accomplishments. NCCS supports more than 2,000 users annually from a wide spectrum of science domains.

Ashley is also currently working on the Exascale Computing Project (ECP) as the Control Account Manager (CAM) for training and productivity. For applications to take full advantage of Exascale hardware and software, a robust developer training and productivity program is necessary to keep application and software team members, staff, and other stakeholders abreast of emerging technologies. While the primary focus of this project is on supporting the ECP teams, the project has opened many of the training and productivity activities to a broader community whenever possible and training materials are archived in the training area of the Exascale website. Reaching beyond the researchers involved in ECP today helps in terms of workforce development for the ECP, as well as laying the groundwork for the second generation of Exascale developers and users after ECP ends and Exascale systems (including smaller-scale deployments of those architectures) become more common and accessible to a broader base of users.

Ashley served as the National Climate Research Center (NCRC) Project Director from 2012-2016. The NCRC project represents a partnership between NOAA and DOE and through this partnership, the NCRC team has delivered multiple computer systems to NOAA, allowing the agency to advance its climate modeling and improve our understanding of climate variability and change.

Ashley is also active in the HPC community and is engaged with the Cray User Group (CUG), SC, and PEARC conferences.

Ashley earned her Master of Science degree in Information Sciences from the University of Tennessee.


University of Tennessee
Information Sciences
Master of Science (M.S.)

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Discovery and Curation of Publications from Scientific User Facilities - Scientific user facilities require an effective and efficient process to discover, verify, and curate publications resulting from user programs. No single data source or collection…

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Cray User Group PEAD SIG Deputy Chair

The Cray User Group (CUG) Programming Environments, Applications and Documentation Special Interest Group (SIG) deals with user support and application development topics.

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2015 OLCF High Performance Computing Facility Operational Assessment

Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility, High Performance Computing Facility Operational Assessment, 2015


2013 — UT-Battelle, Outstanding Administrative and Operations Leadership, Group Level