Ashley Barker is the Group Leader for the User Assistance and Outreach (UAO) team at the Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility (OLCF) located at Oak Ridge National Lab (ORNL). UAO is responsible for facilitating access to OLCF resources, providing training, documentation, and technical support to users, collecting and reporting on user facility data, and acquainting the public with the work conducted at the OLCF through scientific highlights. The OLCF supports more than 1,200 users and 250 projects annually from a wide spectrum of science domains.

Ashley served as the National Climate Research Center (NCRC) Project Director from 2014-2016. The NCRC project represents a partnership between NOAA and DOE and through this partnership, the NCRC team has delivered multiple computer systems to NOAA, allowing the agency to advance its climate modeling and improve our understanding of climate variability and change.

Ashley is also currently involved in the Exascale Computing Project (ECP) as the Control Account Manager (CAM) for training and productivity.

Ashley earned her Master of Science degree in Information Sciences from the University of Tennessee.


University of Tennessee
Information Sciences
Master of Science (M.S.)

R&D Activities Contributions

Discovery and Curation of Publications from Scientific User Facilities - Scientific user facilities require an effective and efficient process to discover, verify, and curate publications resulting from user programs. No single data source or collection…

Staff Activities

Committee Activity:

Cray User Group PEAD SIG Deputy Chair

The Cray User Group (CUG) Programming Environments, Applications and Documentation Special Interest Group (SIG) deals with user support and application development topics.

Technical Reports:


2015 OLCF High Performance Computing Facility Operational Assessment

Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility, High Performance Computing Facility Operational Assessment, 2015


2013 — UT-Battelle, Outstanding Administrative and Operations Leadership, Group Level