Prior to coming to ORNL I was a post-doctoral researcher at University of California, Los Angeles where he was developing a parallel pseudo-spectral computer code to perform Large Eddy Simulations of the down draft of cold pools. He received his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from University of California, San Diego and his Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, India. During his doctoral research, he worked on the dynamics of stratified flow past a sphere via simulations, using temporal, spatial, and body inclusive numerical models. This research revealed new details on the flow physics and the internal wave field in near to intermediate wake of a sphere under the influence of stratification.
At ORNL,I will be working on the computational and physical aspects of climate science. He will be focusing on the climate simulations and the so-called Super Parameterization approaches to resolving multi-scale atmospheric processes in a cost-effective manner via using modern accelerated massively parallel computing.


University of California San Diego
Mechanical Engineering
Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)
Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur
Mechanical Engineering
Master of Science (M.S.)
Kalyani Government Engineering College
Mechanical Engineering
Bachelor of Science (B.S.)


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