Adam manages a team of software engineers tasked with writing and maintaining a broad array of applications and services that have direct impact on the OLCF’s end-user community. In practice, this includes the center’s customer relationship management (CRM) software, business intelligence (BI) systems, and a number of user-facing web applications and portals.

Adam brings a diverse range of professional experience, gathered from both industry and academia, to the OLCF. In previous roles, he has written production-level finite element analysis code in C++ and Fortran, “barn-raised” large university-run commodity clusters, and maintained the HPC software stack on a number of systems. He spends most of his time these days writing code in Ruby, Python, and Go.


University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Master of Science (M.S.)
University of Cincinnati
Bachelor of Science (B.S.)

R&D Activities Contributions

RATS CRM - RATS is a customer relationship management tool used by OLCF staff. Developed internally by the OLCF, RATS provides a full-featured CRM solution for storing and…

myOLCF - myOLCF is the Oak Ridge Leadership Facility's self-service portal. It empowers end-users and principal investigators to apply for and approve project memberships, propose new projects,…

Staff Activities



The Pathways to Computing Internship Program

The Pathways to Computing Internship Program at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) is a 10-week summer program that provides undergraduate students with learning opportunities in computer science, computational science, and mathematics. As part of the ORNL Pathways to Computing Internship Program, the Computing and Computational Sciences Directorate is committed to increasing diversity among interns and staff.



Higher Education Research Experiences at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (HERE at ORNL) provides research opportunities and associated activities for undergraduate students. The program is designed to complement academic programs by utilizing the unique resources of ORNL to enhance science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education, encourage careers in science and technology, and improve scientific literacy, while at the same time contributing to the Laboratory mission.


2020 — UT-Battelle Award, Mission Support, Continuous Improvement

2019 — UT-Battelle Significant Event Award, "Acceptance Testing of the Summit Supercomputer"

2014 — UT-Battelle Significant Event Award, "CI System for Automated Testing and Deployment"


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