Aaron has been working in IT and Information systems for over 25 years. Aaron started working with HPC systems in 2005 at GE Aviation (then called GE Aircraft Engines) in Cincinnati Ohio. After spending several years in the commercial aviation HPC space, Aaron was moved into the military side of the house and began working in classified HPC with a high focus in security and accountability.

When he left his GE role in 2018 due to moving out of state, he joined the Defense Logistics Agency as a senior UNIX systems administrator, building his experience with DoD focused systems. Aaron joined ORNL as a contractor in 2022, as he wanted to get back to his love of HPC and supercomputing. Aaron is interested in all aspects of HPC, including GPU computing, InfiniBand, high performance storage and high memory systems and design.

At home, Aaron spends his down-time working on training his new puppy, Thistle, and hopes to someday compete in agility competitions with his little pal.