Summit Specs
Peak Petaflops: 200 IBM Power9 Processors: 9,216 IBM Power9 Cores: 193,536 Compute Nodes: 4,608 NVIDIA Volta Accelerators: 27,648
Memory (TB): 2,801 Disk Space (PB): 250 Floor Space (feet2): 5,600 Leadership-class Job Limit (Minimum): 922 Nodes
Current JobsPITypeElapsedRequestedNodes
Aim High: Air Force R&D CollaborationWei ZhangDD0:36:111:00:001,000
Artificial Intelligence Directed Adaptive Multiscale Simulations To Model RAS-RAF Cancer Initiation PathwayHarsh BhatiaALCC7:27:1724:00:001,000
Nucleation and Growth of Colloidal CrystalsJoshua AndersonINCITE4:35:5012:00:00785
Direct Numerical Simulations of High-Pressure Turbine Stages with EndwallsRichard SandbergINCITE1:51:2712:00:00160
Wave Dynamics in Rotating Detonation Engines using Machine-learning based Scalable SolverVenkatramanan RamanINCITE3:51:496:00:00100
Million atom chemical dynamics at heterogeneous aqueous interfacesRoberto CarINCITE3:20:4412:00:0096
AI-Enabled Computational Cancer Phenotyping for Precision OncologyJohn GounleyALCC0:38:1512:00:0092
Structural Elements in the Evolution of Mechanisms in Substance TransportersHarel WeinsteinINCITE0:00:242:00:0090
Pending JobsPITypeRequestedNodes
Portable Performance on Exascale Hybrid ArchitecturesBronson MesserDD1:30:004,608
Portable Performance on Exascale Hybrid ArchitecturesBronson MesserDD1:00:004,608
Portable Performance on Exascale Hybrid ArchitecturesBronson MesserDD1:00:004,096
Portable Performance on Exascale Hybrid ArchitecturesBronson MesserDD2:00:004,096 ADSE19-EQSIM: High Perf, Multidisciplinary Simulations for Regional Scale Earthquake Hazard/Risk AssmtsDavid McCallenECP24:00:003,600
Aero-Propulsive Real Gas Effects for Human-Scale Mars EntryEric NielsenINCITE24:00:002,317
Library Testing, Support, and MaintenanceDavid BernholdtGENERAL2:00:002,100
SARS-CoV-2 in Respiratory AerosolsRommie AmaroDD1:00:002,048
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