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– No scheduled outages through Feb 9
Center Announcements
– Call for Abstracts for Quantum Computing User Forum
Meetings & Workshops ​
– Performance Portability for Next-Generation Heterogeneous Systems (Feb 26)
– OLCF New User Training (Feb 28)
– Performance Portability Series: AMReX Tutorial (Mar 14)
OLCF Highlights
– Combustion-Pele Blazes a Trail to Cleaner-Burning Engines
Community Events
– HPC Workforce webinar: HPC Culture and Identity (Feb 15)
– NERSC Data Day (Feb 21-22)

Upcoming Downtimes

  • No scheduled outages through Feb 9

Center Announcements

Call for Abstracts for Quantum Computing User Forum

The Quantum Computing User Forum will be held August 12-15, 2024 in Oak Ridge, TN. The forum serves to foster engagement between users, vendors, and subject matter experts from national laboratories, industry, and academia. The agenda will consist of invited and contributed talks from the diversity of users represented by the Quantum Computing User Program (QCUP). A summary of last year’s event is available online. The call for abstracts for contributed talks and posters is now open.

All QCUP users are eligible to submit before the deadline of March 15, 2024. Submissions must indicate the QCUP project ID and abstract summary to be considered. Additional online information may be submitted by providing the DOI number, e.g., from publication or pre-print server. Additional inquiries may be submitted to the Quantum Computing User Program administration team by emailing

Meetings & Workshops

Performance Portability for Next-Generation Heterogeneous Systems
Monday, February 26th, 2024
1:00 PM – 2:30 PM (EST)
Virtual via Zoom

Our high-performance applications must be written to embrace the full ecosystem of supercomputer design. They need to take advantage of the hierarchy of concurrency on offer, and utilize the whole processor. And writing these applications must be productive because HPC software outlives any one system. Our applications need to address the “Three Ps” and be Performance Portable and Productive. This talk will highlight the opportunities this variety of heterogeneous architectures brings to applications, and how application performance and portability can be rigorously measured and compared across diverse architectures. It will share a strategy for writing performance portable applications and present the roles that ISO languages C++ and Fortran, as well as parallel programming models and abstractions such as OpenMP, SYCL and Kokkos play in the ever-changing heterogeneous landscape.
Presenter: Tom Deakin, University of Bristol (

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OLCF New User Training
Virtual via Zoom
February 28, 2024. 1:00  PM – 4:30 PM (ET)

The Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility (OLCF) will host a virtual New User Training Workshop on February 28, 2024. This event is meant to help new Frontier and Summit+ users learn how to run on the OLCF system. The workshop will feature presentations and demonstrations from OLCF staff.
For agenda and registration see:

Performance Portability Series: AMReX Tutorial 
Thursday, March 14, 2024
12:00 PM – 2:30 PM (EST)
Virtual via Zoom

Block-structured adaptive mesh refinement (AMR) provides a natural framework to focus computing power on the most critical parts of a problem in an efficient way. AMReX supports the development of block-structured AMR algorithms for solving systems of partial differential equations (PDEs) that require structured mesh and/or particle discretizations. We will begin with an overview of AMReX and its applications, focusing on features to solve multiphysics problems on machines from laptops to supercomputers. In particular, we will describe how one can use AMReX to develop simulation codes that will work for both CPU and GPU systems. Hands-on exercises will include passive scalar advection with time-dependent adaptivity, and the use of native linear solvers to impose incompressibility on a flow with particles around an obstacle. Files for the hands-on session will be hosted on Perlmutter and NERSC will provide training accounts if needed to the participants. The AMReX training session, presented by Andrew Myers, Weiqun Zhang, and Mukul Dave of LBNL, is part of the Performance Portability training series offered by OLCF, NERSC, and ALCF.

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OLCF Highlights

Combustion-Pele Blazes a Trail to Cleaner-Burning Engines

Over the past seven years, the Pele project team has developed simulation tools that digitally recreate complex combustion environments in unprecedented detail.


Community Events

HPC Workforce webinar: HPC Culture and Identity
February 15 2:00-3:00 pm EST

The HPC Workforce Development and Retention Action group will host an interactive Zoom-based Webinar, HPC Culture and Identity, given by Dr. Denice Ward Hood, Director of the Center for Culturally Responsive Evaluation and Assessment (CREA) at the University of Illinois.
Issues and questions to be addressed in HPC are sufficiently complex and nuanced so that multiple perspectives, world views and lived experiences are needed to adequately attend to them. HPC is attractive as a field because it appeals to individuals’ unique curiosity, skills, and aptitude. Your whole, authentic self is an asset and a source of innovation. This talk with be a space for discussion about culture and identities and the ways in which they inform and guide our work.
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NERSC Data Day
Feb, 21-22, 2024

NERSC is hosting Data Day, a hybrid two-day event on February 21-22, 2024. They invite all HPC user to join for exciting talks and demonstrations designed to showcase the latest and greatest cutting-edge data-focused tools for scientific computing on Perlmutter. The presentations are set to occur in a fully hybrid format at NERSC, featuring speakers onsite. For details see: