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Center Announcements
– User Assistance Center Schedule
– 9th WACCPD Workshop @ SC22 Call For Papers

Meetings & Workshops
– June OLCF User Conference Call (Jun 29)
– Profiling Deep Learning Applications with NVIDIA Nsight (Jun 30)
– Data Visualization & Analytics Series: Jupyter Workflow at OLCF (July 14)
– Preparing for Frontier Training Series

Upcoming Downtimes
– No scheduled outages through July 8

Center Announcements

User Assistance Center ScheduleThe OLCF User Assistance Center will be closed on Monday, July 4 due to an ORNL-observed holiday. The normal user assistance hours will resume on Tuesday, July 5. The Computer Operations staff will remain available for limited troubleshooting 24 hours a day.

9th WACCPD Workshop @ SC22 Call For PapersThe Call for Papers for the 9th Workshop on Accelerator Programming Using Directives is now open! The workshop aims to showcase all aspects of accelerator programming for heterogeneous systems such as innovative high-level language or library approaches, lessons learned while using directives or other portable approaches to migrate scientific legacy code to modern systems, and compilation and runtime scheduling techniques. The paper submission deadline is August 5, 2022 AOE. For more information, see

Meetings & Workshops

June 2022 OLCF User Conference call (June 29) 
June 29, noon -1:00 pm EST
The June OLCF User Conference Call will be held from noon until 1:00 PM Eastern Time on Wednesday, June 29. During this call, the OLCF Director of Science, Bronson Messer, will be presenting about Frontier. For more information, see the event page at

Profiling Deep Learning Applications with NVIDIA Nsight
06/30/2022, 11AM – 12PM CT
This event will introduce performance analysis techniques for deep learning applications using the NVIDIA Nsight Systems profiling tool to peek under the covers. The event will cover how to collect performance information for the neural network layers to relate GPU work back to those higher-level concepts, as well as for other sections of code that feed the DNN or consume its results. You will gain deeper insights into the execution and interactions among the processes, OS, GPU CUDA kernels, Tensor Cores, NVLinks, and even nodes. The organizers will discuss ways to access report data for deeper analysis as well as some common pitfalls with both training and inference applications. This is part of the ALCF Developer Series and OLCF and NERSC users are welcome to attend. To register please see:

Data Visualization & Analytics Series: Jupyter Workflow at OLCFJuly 14 1:00–3:00p.m. EDTThe OLCF is proud to offer the first event of the Data Visualization and Analytics training series: Jupyter Workflow at OLCF. Jupyter notebooks offer a unique environment for users to analyze and process scientific data. The interactive nature of the web interface allows one to debug, visualize, and share code instantly, without having to handle everything on the command-line. This event will provide an overview of how to access Jupyter at OLCF and how to utilize the interface in an analytics setting, including  hands-on examples of how to analyze data generated on OLCF systems, along with a Deep Learning workflow demo run with Jupyter.The hands-on component of this training is limited to 30 users with moderate security enclave projects (i.e. able to access Summit/Andes), although others are welcome to sign up and attend the presentations. Additionally, hands-on examples will be available after the event for Moderate users to access and work with on their own. For more information or to register, see hxxps://

Preparing for Frontier Training Series
The OLCF will deliver a “Preparing for Frontier” training series over the next several months to help current OLCF users (without access to early-Frontier hardware) understand what they can start doing today on Summit to prepare their projects for Frontier. The series will include talks on Frontier’s architecture and supported programming models, hands-on tutorials showing how to use the programming models, and user-experience talks from project teams who have already ported their applications to the early-Frontier systems. The first 3 sessions are listed below, but please visit the main landing page for additional upcoming sessions:
– July 12, 2022: Introduction to the Frontier Supercomputer
– July 14, 2022: Introduction to HIP Programming
– July 21, 2022: HIP for CUDA Programmers

Upcoming Downtimes

– No scheduled outages through July 8