Center Announcements
  – User Assistance Center Schedule
  – New High-Memory Nodes on Summit

Meetings & Workshops
  – June OLCF User Conference Call (Jun 24)
  – NERSC GPUs for Science Webinar (Jun 30-Jul 1)
  – GPU Hackathon Series
  – CUDA Training Series

Upcoming Scheduled Outages
  – HPSS (Jul 14-15)

Center Announcements

User Assistance Center Schedule
The OLCF User Assistance Center will be closed on Friday, July 3 due to an ORNL-observed holiday. The normal User Assistance Schedule will resume on Tuesday, July 6.

NOTE: The ORNL Computer Operations staff will remain available for limited troubleshooting 24 hours a day.

New High-Memory Nodes on Summit
We are pleased to announce the addition of 54 high-memory nodes on Summit. These nodes have 2TB of DDR4 memory for the POWER9 processors, 192GB of high-bandwidth memory (HBM2) for the V100 accelerators, and 6.4TB of non-volatile memory (as compared to 512GB DDR4, 96GB HBM2, and 1.6TB for Summit’s other nodes). These nodes are available via the “batch-hm” queue. Jobs submitted to this queue are limited to a 6-hour walltime. For more information, see the Summit User Guide.

Meetings & Workshops

June OLCF User Conference Call (Jun 24)
The June OLCF User Conference Call will be held at noon (Eastern Time) on Wednesday, June 24. The call will include an overview of the Slate Container Orchestration Service led by OLCF’s Ryan Prout. Details of the call, including information on how to join, can be found at

NERSC GPUs for Science Webinar (Jun 30-Jul 1)
NERSC will host a “GPUs For Science” webinar from June 30-July 1. The objective of this webinar is to “help facilitate the transition to GPU systems by giving scientists the motivation, the tools, and the expertise they need to make this change possible”. For more information, including the agenda and a registration link, please visit the event page.

GPU Hackathon Series
The following organizations, in conjunction with OLCF and NVIDIA, will be hosting GPU Hackathons as part of our annual GPU Hackathon Series. These hackathons are multi-day coding events in which teams of developers prepare their own application(s) to run on GPUs or focus on optimizing their application(s) that currently run on GPUs. Teams typically consist of three or more developers who are intimately familiar with (some part of) their application, and they work alongside two mentors with GPU programming expertise. These hackathons offer a unique opportunity for teams to set aside time for development, surround themselves with experts in the field, and push toward their development goals. During the event, teams will have access to compute resources provided by OLCF. If you’re interested in more information, or to apply, you can visit the site-specific event pages below. If you have questions, please contact Tom Papatheodore.

  Brookhaven National Lab
   – Event Dates: August 10, 17-19, 2020
   – Deadline to apply: June 28, 2020

CUDA Training Series
NVIDIA will present a 9-part CUDA training series intended to help new and existing GPU programmers understand the main concepts of the CUDA platform and its programming model. Each part will include a 1-hour presentation and example exercises. The exercises are meant to reinforce the material from the presentation and can be completed during a 1-hour hands-on session following each lecture. The full list of topics can be found on the series page. If you have any questions about this series, please contact Tom Papatheodore. For more information on upcoming events in this series, or to register, see the links below:

  CUDA Concurrency (Tuesday, July 21)
  GPU Performance Analysis(Tuesday, August 18)
  Cooperative Groups(Thursday, September 17)

Upcoming Scheduled Outages

HPSS will be unavailable from 8:00 AM on Tuesday, July 14 until noon on Wednesday, July 15.