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Meetings & Workshops
– Frontier Training Workshop (August 23-25)
– HIP Training Series
Upcoming Downtimes
– No scheduled outages through September 1st
Center Announcements
– 2023 OLCF User Meeting (Oct 17-18)
– Call for posters at the upcoming 2023 OLCF User Meeting
– OLCF Alpine Decommission
– Seeking beta testers for Open MPI on Frontier
Community Events
– Applications Open for the 2024 BSSw Fellowship Program

Meeting & Workshops

Frontier Training Workshop
Virtual via Zoom
August 23-25, 2023, 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM EDT

The Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility (OLCF) will host a virtual Frontier Training Workshop August 23-25, 2023. This event is meant to help new Frontier users (or those intending to use Frontier) learn how to run on the system. The workshop will feature presentations and demonstrations from vendors and OLCF staff. The target audience for this workshop is OLCF users who have recently obtained access to Frontier or who intend to run on Frontier in the future. ALCC users are encouraged to attend. The last day, August 25, will be a profiling and debugging tools day with representation from several of our software vendors. Even if you are a seasoned Frontier user, the profiling day may be helpful to you. See the agenda at the link below and register for the days that interest you.

Register at

HIP Training Series
HIP is a parallel computing platform and programming model from AMD that extends C++ to program GPUs, with an API very similar to CUDA but supporting Nvidia and AMD GPU targets. The HIP training series will introduce GPU programming concepts from basic GPU programming, porting your existing GPU applications to HIP, and profiling and tracing your HIP code, among others. Each session will be 2 hours with a lecture and hands-on.

  • Aug 28, Porting Applications to HIP
  • Sep 18, AMD Memory Hierarchy
  • Oct 02, GPU Profiling (Performance Timelines)
  • Oct 16, GPU Profiling (Performance Profile)

Registration is now open for each event.   More information on the series including registration can be found at:

Upcoming Downtimes

  • No scheduled outages through September 1st

Center Announcements

2023 OLCF User Meeting (Oct 17-18)
The OLCF invites you to participate in the 2023 OLCF User Meeting at Oak Ridge National Lab in Oak Ridge, TN. The purpose of the annual user meeting is to share selected computational science and engineering achievements emerging from OLCF’s user programs, to enable direct interactions among users, advance OLCF’s relationships with our user community, and provide Facility updates. The meeting will be available to virtual participants via Zoom, but elements of the meeting like the poster session and Facility tours will only be available to the onsite attendees. All attendees (whether onsite or virtual) will need to register. For more information or to register, please visit

Call for posters at the upcoming 2023 OLCF User Meeting
We are pleased to announce that the Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility (OLCF) will host the OLCF User Meeting on October 17-18, 2023.
This year’s event will be hybrid with a poster session on Tuesday, October 17. The scope is to share methods and case studies demonstrating success stories and lessons learned using OLCF systems. This is a great opportunity for select applications to showcase the achievements of their cutting-edge research. The call for posters is open to all onsite visitors and ORNL staff including academics, researchers, and students.
Registration for poster submissions is on the main event page under “Poster Submission Information”.
Posters should be received in PDF form for printing by Wednesday, October 11th, if presenters want ORNL to print their poster and have it ready for the exhibit.
For more information contact the poster session organizers: Antigoni Georgiadou (georgiadoua@ornl.gpv) & Peter Groszkowski (

OLCF Alpine Decommission
The Alpine filesystem has reached the end of its life and data cannot remain on it after the end of December. Alpine will become read-only on December 19, 2023 to prepare for the disposition of Alpine on January 1, 2024.  To assist you with moving your data off of Alpine, the DTNs mount the new Orion filesystem and all projects with access to Alpine have now been granted access to the Orion filesystem.  We highly encourage all teams to start migrating and/or deleting data from the Alpine filesystem now.  If you wait too late in the year to begin the transition, you will run the risk of running out of time to move your data before the system is decommissioned.  It is important to note that any data remaining on the Alpine filesystem after December 31, 2023 will truly be unavailable and not recoverable in any way as the system will be dismantled and the drives will be shredded.

More details on the Alpine decommission timeline can be found on

Seeking beta testers for Open MPI on Frontier
The Open MPI for Exascale (OMPI-X) ECP project is seeking beta testers for the Open MPI library on the Frontier platform. “Real world” testing is needed to shake out remaining bugs. Contact Thomas Naughton for further details.

Community Events

Applications Open for the 2024 BSSw Fellowship Program 
The Better Scientific Software (BSSw) Fellowship Program provides recognition and funding for leaders and advocates of high-quality scientific software who foster practices, processes, and tools to improve scientific software productivity and sustainability.  Applications are being accepted now through September 29 for the 2024 BSSw Fellowship Program. Details of the program can be found at