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Center Announcements
  – User Assistance Center Schedule

Meetings & Workshops
  – Perlmutter Training (Jan 5-7)
  – NVIDIA HPC SDK Training (Jan 12-13)
  – Vampir/Score-P Training (Jan 19-20)

Upcoming Scheduled Outages
  – None through Dec 31

Center Announcements

User Assistance Center Schedule
The OLCF User Assistance Center will be closed on the following days due to ORNL-observed holidays:
Thursday, December 23
Friday, December 24
Friday, December 31

The normal user assistance schedule will be observed on other days, and the ORNL Computer Operations staff will remain available for limited troubleshooting 24 hours a day.

Meetings & Workshops

Perlmutter Training (Jan 5-7)
NERSC will host Perlmutter training on Jan 5 -7 provided jointly by HPE and NERSC staff. This is a continuation and extension of the June 2021 Perlmutter Introduction training, now focused more on using Perlmutter with hands-on exercises. ALCF and OLCF users are invited to this training, and NERSC training accounts will be provided based on availability and time of registration. Registration is available via this link.

NVIDIA HPC SDK Training (Jan 12-13)
On January 12-13, NVIDIA will present a 2-day seminar for NERSC, ALCF, and OLCF users about the various GPU programming models supported by NVIDIA’s HPC SDK compilers, including Standard Language Acceleration and Libraries, OpenACC, OpenMP offload, and CUDA. The basic GPU architecture and HPC SW developer considerations and the profiling tools will also be presented. Attendees will have the opportunity to do hands-on and homework exercises on Perlmutter Phase 1 GPUs (NERSC and ALCF users) and on Summit (OLCF users). The agenda and registration form are available via this link.

Vampir/Score-P Training (Jan 19-20)
OLCF will host Vampir and Score-P training on January 19-20 from 9:00-11:30 AM EST each day. Vampir is an established performance tool for visualizing and analyzing the behavior of highly parallel HPC applications. It is supported by the Score-P tool, which can be used to fully record the runtime behavior of HPC applications. The first day will feature lessons and hands-on demos using these tools. The second day will give users an opportunity to bring their own codes and instrument them for performance analysis with help from Score-P and Vampir developers.

For the detailed agenda and registration please see

Upcoming Scheduled Outages

  • There are no outages scheduled through Friday, December 31.