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Center Announcements
– 9th WACCPD Workshop @ SC22 Call For Papers
– 2022 P3HPC Workshop @ SC22 Call for Papers

Meetings & Workshops
– Preparing for Frontier Training Series
– Training on HDF5 for HPC Data Models, Analysis, & Performance (July 27)
– AI for Science Bootcamp (August 25-26)
– Open ACC and Hackathons Summit 2022 (August 2-4)
– July 2022 OLCF User Conference call  (July 27)

Upcoming Downtimes
– HPSS (July 26)

Center Announcements

9th WACCPD Workshop @ SC22 Call For PapersThe Call for Papers for the 9th Workshop on Accelerator Programming Using Directives is now open! The workshop aims to showcase all aspects of accelerator programming for heterogeneous systems such as innovative high-level language or library approaches, lessons learned while using directives or other portable approaches to migrate scientific legacy code to modern systems, and compilation and runtime scheduling techniques. The paper submission deadline is August 5, 2022 AOE. For more information, see

2022 P3HPC Workshop @ SC22 Call for Papers

The 2022 International Workshop on Performance, Portability & Productivity in HPC (P3HPC) call for papers is now open! P3HPC provides a forum for researchers and developers to discuss their successes and failures in tackling the compelling problems that lie at the intersection of performance, portability and productivity (P3) and High-Performance Computing (HPC). The topic of P3 touches on many aspects of HPC software development and the workshop program is expected to reflect a wide range of experiences and perspectives, including those of compiler, language and runtime experts; applications developers, performance engineers; and domain scientists. The abstract submissions deadline is August 8, 2022 AOE and the full paper submission deadline is August 12, 2022 AOE. For more information, please see:

Meetings & Workshops

Preparing for Frontier Training Series
The OLCF will deliver a “Preparing for Frontier” training series over the next several months to help current OLCF users (without access to early-Frontier hardware) understand what they can start doing today on Summit to prepare their projects for Frontier. The series will include talks on Frontier’s architecture and supported programming models, hands-on tutorials showing how to use the programming models, and user-experience talks from project teams who have already ported their applications to the early-Frontier systems. The first few sessions are listed below, but please visit the main landing page for additional upcoming sessions:

– July 21, 2022: HIP for CUDA Programmers

Training on HDF5 for HPC Data Models, Analysis, & Performance

On July 27, ALCF will host a one-hour webinar entitled “Introduction to HDF5 for HPC Data Models, Analysis, and Performance.” This webinar is open to NERSC and OLCF users.

The webinar is a comprehensive overview of HDF5 for anyone who works with big data in an HPC environment. The talk consists of two parts. Part I introduces the HDF5 data model and APIs for organizing data and performing I/O. Part II focuses on HDF5 advanced features such as parallel I/O and will give an overview of various parallel HDF5 tuning techniques such as collective metadata I/O, data aggregation, async, parallel compression, and other new HDF5 features that help to utilize HPC storage to its fullest potential.

Please find more information on the ALCF event page at

AI for Science Bootcamp
August 25-26
NERSC, in collaboration with NVIDIA, will present a 2-day bootcamp designed to teach users fundamental concepts and practices in deep learning, and how to effectively apply them to scientific problems. Participants will learn how to implement the primary components of deep learning workflows, including hands-on exercises training and evaluating custom deep-learning models on scientific datasets.

For more information and to register, please see Space is limited, and active NERSC/ALCF/OLCF users will be prioritized during the registration process.

OpenACC and Hackathons Summit 2022
August 2-4, 2022

features two keynote speakers, tutorials covering HPC and AI topics, and invited talks from preeminent scientists from across national laboratories, research institutions, universities, and supercomputing centers worldwide. By attending this event, you will:

·         Delve into cutting-edge HPC and AI use cases across multiple domains of science;
·         Learn about the recent OpenACC specification use cases; and
·         Discover the latest tools and resources for computational scientists.
Register for your Free ticket TODAY: OpenACC and Hackathons Summit (

July 2022 OLCF User Conference call 
July 27, 2022

The July OLCF User Conference Call will be held from noon until 1:00 PM Eastern Time on Wednesday, July 27. During this call, OLCF’s Benjamín Hernández will present “Remote Visualization with VNC”, which will cover how to remotely connect to Andes using VNC and how to interact with graphical applications. For more information, see the event page at

Upcoming Downtimes

– HPSS will be unavailable from 8:00 AM until 8:00 PM on Tuesday, July 26.