Center Announcements
  – New Data Analysis Cluster: Andes
  – Tour the OLCF (Virtually)
  – CARLA 2020

Meetings & Workshops
  – 2020 OpenACC Summit (Aug 31-Sep 4)
  – Weekly Kokkos Lecture Series (Through Sep 4)
  – CUDA Training Series

Upcoming Scheduled Outages
  – None through Aug 28


New Data Analysis Cluster: Andes
As announced during the recent OLCF User Meeting, we will soon replace our data analysis cluster Rhea with a new system named Andes. Andes will contain 704 compute nodes, each with two 16-core AMD EPYC processors and 256 GB of memory. Additionally, the GPU/High-Memory nodes currently in Rhea’s ‘rhea-gpu’ partition will be moved over to Andes.

The availability timeline will be announced in future user messages. In the meantime, we suggest users begin reviewing the Andes User Guide located at If you have any questions, please contact the User Assistance Center at

Tour the OLCF (Virtually)
Want to tour the OLCF even though you can’t travel here? Now you can! OLCF used Matterport to create a virtual walkthrough of the center. To view the tour, visit

CARLA 2020
Registration for the Latin America High Performance Computing Conference, CARLA 2020, is now open. This conference will be virtual from September 2-4 and registration is free. For more information, see

Meetings & Workshops

2020 OpenACC Summit (Aug 31 – Sep 4)
Expanding from the annual meeting, OpenACC Summit 2020 brings together users of the OpenACC programming model and members of OpenACC organization across national laboratories, research institutions, and industry. This year’s Summit is completely online and features a keynote, Birds of a Feather (BoF), invited talks, connect with expert sessions, and a hands-on GPU Bootcamp. For more information, or to register, please visit

Weekly Kokkos Lecture Series (Through Sep 4)
The weekly Kokkos Lecture Series began on July 17 and continues through September 4. The objective of this training os for attendees to learn everything necessary to start using Kokkos to write performance portable code. This 8-part Kokkos Lecture Series consists of 2-hour online lectures every Friday and exercises as homework. The team provides support via GitHub and Slack throughout the time of the training. Events are recorded, so if you have to miss one, you can still watch the video and complete the exercises in time to participate in the next lecture. For more information or to register, please visit

CUDA Training Series
NVIDIA will present a 9-part CUDA training series intended to help new and existing GPU programmers understand the main concepts of the CUDA platform and its programming model. Each part will include a 1-hour presentation and example exercises. The exercises are meant to reinforce the material from the presentation and can be completed during a 1-hour hands-on session following each lecture. The full list of topics can be found on the series page. If you have any questions about this series, please contact Tom Papatheodore. The final session, Cooperative Groups, will be held on Thursday, September 17.

Upcoming Scheduled Outages

There are no outages scheduled through August 28.