Center Announcements
  – 2022 INCITE Call for Proposals
  – Nominations for OLCF User Group Executive Board

Meetings & Workshops
  – HIP Training Workshop
  – INCITE Proposal Writing Webinar (Jun 4) (May 24-26)
  – Student Hands-On Training with Summit (Jun 21)
  – OLCF User Meeting (Jun 22-24)
  – 2021 GPU Hackathons

Upcoming Scheduled Outages
  – HPSS (May 18)

Center Announcements

2022 INCITE Call for Proposals
The 2022 Innovative and Novel Computational Impact on Theory and Experiment (INCITE) Call for Proposals is now open and closes June 18.

The INCITE program seeks proposals for high-impact, computationally intensive research campaigns in a broad array of science, engineering, and computer science domains. The program promotes transformational advances in science and technology through large allocations of computer time and supporting resources at the Argonne and Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facilities operated by the DOE Office of Science. INCITE is open to researchers from all institutions, including academia, industry, and government agencies.

INCITE is also devoting 10% of its allocatable compute time to a new Early Career Track, which aims to encourage the next generation of HPC researchers by focusing on principal investigators who are within 10 years of earning their doctorate degrees (on or after December 31, 2011).

For more information, visit

Nominations for OLCF User Group Executive Board
Nominate yourself to run for the OLCF User Group Executive Board. If elected, you will serve on a 10-person board that provides advice and feedback to the OLCF on the current and future state of OLCF operations and services. The term of service for the successful candidates is three years. Elections will be held electronically during the user meeting. Nomination will take place through May 28. You may nominate yourself at

As discussed on the March OLCF User Conference Call, NVIDIA RAPIDS is a new software stack available on Summit to accelerate Python based data analytics workloads. We have created a short survey to collect your valuable feedback that will help us to prioritize improvements, add new features and prepare training sessions in 2021. The survey is available at

Meetings & Workshops

HIP Training Workshop (May 24-26)
On May 24-26, AMD will present a three-day hands-on workshop on using HIP to accelerate algorithms that are common in HPC workflows. This workshop is designed to help OLCF users prepare for Frontier. This training will utilize the AMD accelerator cloud for the hands-on exercises.

The workshop is limited to 100 participants and will be given via Webinar. All OLCF users may participate on a first-come, first-served basis. To register, see

INCITE Proposal Writing Webinar (Jun 4)
To help you prepare your proposal for submission, the INCITE program is offering an instructional webinar on June 4 at 2 PM EDT/1 PM CDT. The 1.5 hour webinar will include a discussion of the Director’s Discretionary Program, which is a way to request early access to port, tune, and scale your code in preparation for an INCITE application. To register for the webinar, click here.

Student Hands-On Training with Summit (Jun 21)
On June 21, from 1:00-4:00 pm EDT, OLCF will hold a virtual hands-on training with the Summit supercomputer aimed at the beginner level. Participants will learn about the Summit architecture, learn how research teams write programs for and run workloads on Summit, and get to work through fun challenge problems on their own. Come discover what it’s like to use one of the most powerful computers ever built! All interns, students and HPC beginners working with ORNL staff or OLCF users are welcome.

For more information or to register, visit

OLCF User Meeting (Jun 22-24)
The OLCF will hold its annual User Meeting remotely from June 22-24, 2021. The purpose of the user meeting is to share selected computational science and engineering achievements emerging from the OLCF’s user programs, to enable interactions among users, to advance the OLCF’s relationships with our user community, and to highlight computational requirements for the future. The 2021 meeting will feature OLCF Facility updates, user-experience talks on Summit and Frontier early hardware, deep dive discussions with OLCF staff, and OLCF executive board election results. For more information or to register, see

2021 GPU Hackathons
The 2021 NVIDIA GPU Hackathon series is now open. Events that will be supported by the OLCF (computing resources, mentors, etc.) are marked with the OLCF logo at The next two OLCF-supported (virtual) hackathons will be:

  – NERSC on July 19, 26-28 (deadline to apply is May 19)
  – OLCF on October 18, 25-27 (deadline to apply is August 18)

Upcoming Scheduled Outages

  • HPSS will be unavailable from 8:00 AM until 8:00 PM on Tuesday, May 18.