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Upcoming Downtimes
– HPSS (Oct 17)
– Andes and DTN (Oct 18 – Oct 20)
Center Announcements
– OLCF Alpine filesystem will be decommissioned in 12 weeks.
– Call for Proposals for Summit in 2024
– The annual OLCF User Survey is now available
Did you know
– OLCF office hour
Meetings & Workshops
– GPU Performance Profiling, Omniperf (Oct 16)

Upcoming Downtimes

  • HPSS will be unavailable from 8:00 AM until 6:00 PM on Tuesday, October 17.
  • Andes and DTN will be unavailable from Oct 18, 7:00 AM to Oct 20, 5:00 PM. Slate, including Jupyter, will not have access to the GPU nodes during the Andes/DTN outage.

Center Announcements

Alpine Filesystem Decommission in 12-Weeks (Dec 31)

The Alpine filesystem will be decommissioned in 12 weeks.  Data remaining on Alpine will be permanently deleted on January 01, 2024.  We strongly urge you to begin migrating any needed data now.

More details on the Alpine decommission timeline can be found at

Call for Proposals for Summit in 2024

The Department of Energy is extending Summit operations through October 2024, enabling researchers to pursue projects on one of the world’s leading AI-enabled open science supercomputing platforms.  OLCF will allocate Summit through new programs for the calendar year 2024.  SummitPLUS is one of the new allocation programs that will be used to allocate a significant portion of the system for 2024. The program is open to researchers from academia, government laboratories, federal agencies, and industry. We welcome proposals for computationally ready projects from investigators who are new to Summit, as well as from previous INCITE, ALCC, DD, ECP awardees and projects. We encourage proposals on emerging paradigms for computational campaigns including data-intensive science and AI/ML.

More information on the SummitPLUS allocation program and Alpine decommission can be found at

The annual OLCF User Survey is now available

The annual OLCF User Survey is now open. The survey is conducted on behalf of the OLCF by Oak Ridge Associated Universities (ORAU) and should take approximately 10 minutes to complete. We truly value your feedback and encourage all users to complete this important survey to help us know how to better serve our user community. The survey closes on November 20, 2023.

To take the survey, please visit

Did you know

Would your project team like direct access to OLCF, AMD, and HPE staff for current issues or questions you might have about running your application/software on Frontier? If so, we are offering office hours every Monday from 2-3 PM EDT and Wednesday from 1-2 PM EDT.
For more information please visit:

Meeting & Workshops

GPU Performance Profiling, Omniperf 
October 16, 1:00 – 3:00 (ET), Virtual

As part of the HIP Training Series, AMD will present “GPU Profiling (Performance Timelines: Rocprof and Omnitrace)”. AMD’s rocprof profiler collects the basic hardware counter data to enable profiling. Omniperf adds to this hardware counter data many derived metrics and presents it in a form that application developers can use to tune their kernels and applications for top performance. Hands-on exercises will generate performance profiles, implement optimizations, and then generate a performance report that shows the differences between the optimized and unoptimized performance profiles. For details and registration, please see: