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Center Announcements

IBM Quantum Computing Event
IBM is organizing a one-day virtual event on May 6th – QC40 – to commemorate the 1981 MIT/IBM conference on Quantum Computing and the Physics of Computation. At QC40, IBM will take a close look at how far we have come in the field of quantum information science over the past 40 years and look into the future at how we will progress from what we have learned. The morning keynotes will be broadcast on the Qiskit Youtube channel. You can find more details about how to submit a talk and register for the conference at

Meetings & Workshops

OLCF User Conference Calls
Thanks for joining the February OLCF User Conference Call, which included a review of OLCF Best Practices/New User Training including some hands-on exercises. The slides from the presentation are available at and the call video should be linked there soon.

The March call is scheduled for Wednesday, March 31 and will include an overview of the NVIDIA RAPIDS ecosystem. Details of that call will be available at

2021 GPU Hackathons
The 2021 NVIDIA GPU Hackathon series is now open. Events that will be supported by the OLCF (computing resources, mentors, etc.) are marked with the OLCF logo at The next two OLCF-supported (virtual) hackathons will be:

  – San Diego Supercomputer Center on May 4, 11-13 (deadline to apply is March 4)
  – Princeton University on June 2, 8-10 (deadline to apply is March 12)

Upcoming Scheduled Outages

There are no outages scheduled through Friday, March 12.