ATS Seminar Series: Derek Collison and Colin Sullivan

The Advanced Technologies Section (ATS) of the National Center for Computational Sciences at ORNL is a world leader in developing and deploying scientific and technical solutions for leadership-class computing environments. The R&D activities of ATS are organized around designing and deploying leadership class systems, developing artificial intelligence solutions for science and smart facilities of the future, and stewardship of data and workflows at scale to enable science. The ATS Seminar Series is a forum for learning from experts and engaging with collaborators to advance their scientific mission.


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NATS: Enabling Data Platforms and Microservices from Cloud to Edge

Distributed systems architecture has been disrupted via decomposition as cloud and edge technology has matured – we’ve seen a migration from monolithic applications to microservices coordinating across large scale deployments. This has created a need for flexible deployments, secure and transparent data sharing, multiple communication patterns, location transparency, and the decoupling of data producers and consumers.

NATS is a distributed communication technology that addresses these needs, running at scale on-premise, in cloud, on edge and on devices. In this discussion, we’ll introduce you to NATS: how NATS came to be, its DNA and cover some of the problems that it solves. We’ll describe various use cases and how NATS can best be used in HPC applications and be used to enable highly scalable systems operating on the order of exabytes.



Derek Collison

Derek is an industry veteran, entrepreneur and pioneer in secure large-scale distributed systems and cloud computing. He helped change the way financial, transportation and logistics systems fundamentally worked while spending over a decade at TIBCO, designing systems that still power much of those industries today. At Google, Derek co-founded the AJAX APIs group and created the largest CDN for popular javascript libraries, identifying the need for easy and secure access to Google’s services without the need for additional servers. During his time at VMWare, Derek designed and architected CloudFoundry, the first open-source enterprise PaaS. He then founded Apcera, a company designed to drive security and policy into easy to use platform technologies. After the successful sale of Apcera to Ericsson, Derek took the messaging technology he designed to power the CloudFoundry and Apcera systems,, and created Synadia. Synadia is pioneering secure and global messaging as a digital utility to help drive data and microservices platforms built from IoT, edge and cloud computing systems.

Colin Sullivan

Colin has been managing and developing messaging products and distributed systems for over 25 years at Synadia, Apcera, TIBCO, Talarian, and PLATINUM. Colin has been building software to better enable a variety of technical solutions from edge to cloud to on-premise and has worked with a wide range of business verticals including energy, insurance, aviation, space, and fintech.


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Dec 12 2022


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm




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