As PC sales fall, supercomputers soar

Demand for supercomputers has increased five-fold over the past five years.

Platinum vs Nickel: Battle of the Biomass Catalysts

A project led by Amra Peles of UTRC is pushing the limits of lower-cost, genuinely renewable hydrogen production and use for fuel cells.

OLCF Partner Wins Major Industry Award

An OLCF industrial partner was recently named a winner of International Data Corporation’s (IDC) HPC Innovation Excellence Award, announced in Salt Lake City, Utah at the annual supercomputing conference SC12.

ORNL Wins Two Readers’ Choice Awards from HPCwire

The OLCF took home awards in green computing and industry collaboration from the 2012 HPCwire “Readers’ Choice Awards.”

U.S. Lab’s “Titan” Named World’s Fastest Supercomputer

In a breakthrough that harnesses video-game technology for solving science's most complex mysteries, the U.S. government's new Titan machine was named the world's fastest supercomputer.

Ramgen Simulates Shock Waves, Makes Shock Waves Across Energy Spectrum

Ramgen Power Systems, a Seattle-based energy R&D firm, is developing a novel gas compressor system based on shock-wave technology used in supersonic flight applications by using the OLCF's Jaguar supercomputer.

Wells Takes OLCF Message to Industry

OLCF Director of Science Jack Wells recently spoke at the United Technologies Engineering Fellows Lecture series at Pratt & Whitney in East Hartford, Connecticut on July 26.

OLCF Partner Wins Major Industry Award

GE Global Research, an OLCF industrial partner, was recently named a winner of International Data Corporations (IDCs) HPC Innovation Excellence Award.

Jaguar Accelerates Design of GE Turbomachinery

GE takes its turbomachinery research and development to the fast lane with the help of Jaguar, one of the fastest computers in the world.

Industrial HPC Partnerships Program Reaches New Audiences

The ORNL Industrial HPC Partnerships Program has fostered collaboration and innovation between government and the private sector for the past 2 years. Recently project director Suzy Tichenor reached out to new audiences as she traveled to Stuttgart, Germany, and Denver, Colorado, to showcase the program’s expansion and achievements.