Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility receives three HPCwire awards

The OLCF earned three HPCwire awards in HPC for collaborative industrial research projects conducted at ORNL.

2013 Annual HPCwire Readers Choice Awards

GE Research using Oak Ridge National Laboratory Cray “Titan” for Industrial Cold Temperature Research Projects.

Titan Propels GE Wind Turbine Research into New Territory

General Electric Global Research is using the hybrid CPU/GPU Cray XK7 Titan supercomputer managed by the OLCF to simulate hundreds of millions of water molecules freezing in slow motion.

Slick science: modeling surfaces to cast off ice

Researchers at the GE Global Research Center are modeling freezing water to develop ice-shedding wind turbine blades using Titan.

Ice-Repellant Materials One Step Closer

Scientists at GE Global Research are using the multi-petaflop Titan supercomputer at Oak Ridge National Laboratory to study the way that ice forms as water droplets come in contact with cold surfaces.

Big Rig Redesign Still Going Strong

Supercomputing simulations at Oak Ridge National Laboratory enabled SmartTruck Systems engineers to develop the UnderTray System.

Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility User Update: SmartTruck Systems

Startup zooms to success improving fuel efficiency of long-haul trucks by more than 10 percent

ORNL’s Supercomputer Gets Under the Hood

Ford researchers wanted to optimize engine bay airflow while considering a significant number of design parameters, a job that required supercomputing resources on a completely new scale.

High-tech Shampoo, via the Department of Energy

For Procter & Gamble, access to Oak Ridge means it can do things it had never imagined before-like delve deeper into understanding how different compounds react with one another at a molecular level or how human hair and skin absorb those agents. (.pdf)