HPC Infrastructure & Networking

The HPC Infrastructure & Networking Group designs, implements, and operates all infrastructure systems and networking services in a that are common to all other systems groups within NCCS, such as HPC Scalable Systems, HPC Storage and Archive, etc. In addition, the group provides the OLCF Slate Service. Slate, built on Kubernetes and the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, provides a container orchestration service for running user-managed persistent applications that run along side the OLCF SuperComputer Systems and other OLCF managed HPC clusters.

Meet the Team

Jeffrey Miller

Group Leader

Jordan Brown

HPC Network Engineer

Blake Breeden

Infrastructure Linux Engineer

Sherry Chandler

Administrative Assistant

Travis Croxdale

HPC Network Engineer

Scottie Marlow

Kubernetes Platform Engineer

Kevin Masteller

Senior HPC Linux Systems Engineer

Ahmed Naseem

HPC Network Engineer

Paul Newman

Network Engineer

Daniel Pelfrey

HPC Network Engineer

Rich Ray

Senior HPC Linux Systems Engineer

Benny Sparks

HPC Network Engineer

Christian Wilsey

HPC Network Engineer

Nathan Zingg

Senior HPC Linux Systems Engineer