Data Lifecycle Technologies

The Data Lifecycle Technologies Group enables data stewardship and enriched scalable data access capabilities, and develops end-to-end scientific workflow technologies to user programs.

Meet the Team

Olga Kuchar

Group Leader

Valentine Anantharaj

Computational Scientist (Climate)

Meghan Berry

Information Science Specialist

Joshua Brown

Software Engineer

Ashley Guge

Administrative Assistant

Ketan Maheshwari

Linux Systems Engineer

Blake Nedved

Full Stack Software Developer

Tatiyanna Singleton

Information Science Specialist

Tyler Skluzacek

Research Scientist, Workflows

Renan Souza

Research Scientist, Workflows

Rohit Srivastava

Data Services Engineer

Patrick Widener

Senior Research Scientist

Sean Wilkinson

Research Scientist

Group R&D Activities

Constellation is a digital object identifier (DOI) based science network for supercomputing data. Constellation makes it possible for…

This project will provide an important model for future exascale computing, increasing the coherence between the technology base…

CADES is an ORNL facility to support R&D staff’s scalable computing and data analytics needs—making a research computing…

[From the ALICE website:] ALICE is the acronym for A Large Ion Collider Experiment, one of the…

The "Programming with Big Data in R" project (pbdR) is a set of highly scalable R packages for…

The Grid Architecture project objectives are to provide a set of architectural depictions, tools, and skills to the…

The Advanced Data and Workflow group brings a holistic view to scalable services that span the data lifecycle…

DataFed is a federated, big-data storage, collaboration, and full-life-cycle management system for computational science and/or data analytics within…