January, 27th 2016: How to OLCF

We discussed the basics and best practices of how to use OLCF resources and services. This call was targeted at new users, but may serve as a good refresher for all users.
Speakers: Bill Renaud, OLCF User Support Specialist, Dr. Mike Zingale OUGEB Chair, Dr. Bronson Messer (video only)

December 16, 2015 12:00 pm EST. Topic: Globus, OpenACC Hackathon User Experience talk.

Globus Sides, video, and related documentation: Click here.

OpenACC with GCC5 slides and video: Click here.

November 18, 2015 12:00 pm EST. Topics: DDT, Software changes

DDT Reverse connect video and related documentation: Click here.

October OUG Meeting: October, 28th at 12:00 pm: Wrap-run, a new tool to help users bundle jobs.

Wraprun is a wrapper utility for ALPS/Aprun that bundles tasks into single aprun calls. It permits launching multiple independent instances of an application on singular nodes or even multiple unique applications on several nodes in a single aprun call. Bundling tasks reduces aprun overhead and allows more tasks to be started per batch job. Wraprun works with both MPI-aware and serial executables. We will give an overview of how it works, how to use it, and its limitations.
We will also have experts on hand to take your general OLCF questions as usual.

To see the slides and video: Wraprun
Documentation: https://www.olcf.ornl.gov/kb_articles/wraprun/

September OUG Meeting: Experience in porting Fortran code to GPUs with OpenACC

Speakers: Mike Zingale and Adam Jacobs

We describe our efforts to put large physics modules written in Fortran onto the GPUs. Our main target is integrating stiff systems of ODEs describing nuclear reactions. Our strategy is to put the entire integration: righthand side evaluations, Jacobian construction, and the actual timestepping onto the GPUs. This minimizes the communication costs — only the initial state vector is passed in, and the new state vector comes out at the end. We will discuss the challenges we had in getting the compilers to accept modern Fortran constructions with OpenACC and discuss preliminary results.

To see slides and video: Porting Fortran code to GPUs with OpenACC

OUG Meeting 8/26/15 : Your requests answered for Rhea upgrades, Darshan, system status lights and OpenACC compiler status.
Slides: Click here for Summary and Slides from the August User Call

OUG Meeting 5/20/15 : 72 hour window for Globus Transfers
This allows users to setup a workflow with transfers that will not require further manual authentication for 72 hours after the ignition of the globus proxy certificate. For more information about how to transfer data with GridFTP at OCLF see the OLCF Data Management Guide.
Slides Globus 72 hour transfer window

OUG Meeting 3/25/15: Daemon Processes
Slides: Daemon Processes

OUG Meeting 2/22/15: Score-P
Sides: Score-P-OLCF-Tutorial The example program used in this tutorial can be found at $WORLDWORK/stf010/winklerf/jacobi.tar.gz

OUG Meeting 1/14/15: New User Tips
Slides: New User Tips



OUG Meeting 1/14/15 Lustre Purge Policy for User Input Decks.Training for 2015

OUG Meeting 12/14- Summit and CARR Slides

OUG Meeting 10/14- User Driven Content, CLE5.2 upgrade and Cuda 6.5 plan

OUG Meeting 9/14 Data Policy

OUG Meeting 8/14: Data Services