OLCF User Group Executive Board (OUGEB) meeting notes

1. The next OUGEB meeting will be Tues. September 9th at 11:30.
2. After the September meeting, the OUGEB will meet at 12:00 pm the 2nd Wednesday of each month. The OLCF User Con. Call will be moved to occur directly after this at 12:45.
3. The call for Board members to self-nominate to run for Vice-Chair is open until Friday Aug. 15 at 5:00 EDT.
4. Voting for the Vice Chair will occur by voting form. The vote will be open until September 8th. Only the council may vote.

Issues Raised:
(i) Data Serving and Sharing, Large Data Storage, long and medium time scales

Board Discussion:
Questions were raised about OLCF’s data sharing tools and policy. Broadly sharing simulation data from OLCF has involved either the PI putting members of the broader scientific community on the PI’s OLCF project or the data being moved to another institution with tools or policies tailored for open data sharing.
A board member mentioned moving his project data from OLCF to NERSC for just this purpose.
The Board expressed that data generated at OLCF should be served from OLCF so that OLCF gets full recognition.

OLCF response:
OLCF will work with CADES to help provide data services in more open security enclaves for its users. Currently OLCF works with projects on an individual basis to help them meet data sharing needs. For example, OLCF facilitated OLCF project BER’s collaboration with the Earth Systems Grid (ESG) to serve client data.

Questions were raised about whether the current OLCF data policy of storing data for 3 months after the conclusion of a project, with the option of longer storage upon OLCF approval, is insufficient to help PIs meet data management requirements of their external funding agencies.

OLCF Data Storage policies will be on the agenda again for the September Board meeting.

(ii) A request was made to explore the feasibility of having OLCF facilitate user-driven online repositories for codes and methods best optimized for Titan. This topic will be on the agenda of the October meeting.

Action Item:

OLCF will provide summaries of the new DOE Office of Science data policies and of the current OLCF data management policies before the September meeting.