The High Performance Computing Core Operations Group provides all of the necessary infrastructure services, networking support, and security oversight required to keep the OLCF leadership supercomputing systems healthy. Members of the group monitor systems 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, and are skilled at adapting industry best practices and tailoring them to support the unique requirements of Supercomputers. They anticipate problems before they arise, identify components that are near failure, and continuously automate processes to provide scalability of core operations across supercomputing resources, projects, and customers.

Meet the High-Performance Computing Core Operations Team

Ryan Adamson

Senior HPC Security Engineer

Kevin Bivens

HPC Cyber Security Administrator

Stefan Ceballos

HPC Security Reliability Engineer

Noah Ginsburg

HPC Security Engineer

Scott Koch

HPC Systems Administrator

Stefan Maerz

HPC Cyber Security Engineer

Paul Newman

Network Engineer

Daniel Pelfrey

HPC Network Engineer

Benny Sparks

HPC Network Engineer

Cory Stargel

HPC Systems Linux Engineer

James Wynne III

HPC Linux Systems Engineer