The High Performance Computing and Data Operations Group is responsible for running and maintaining the OLCF leadership supercomputing and storage systems—including Summit and its file system Alpine, as well as high-speed archival storage and other OLCF resources. Members of the group are responsible for administering, configuring, upgrading, and troubleshooting all systems 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Through the use of extensive monitoring and diagnostic tools, the group strives to anticipate problems before they arise and identify components in the environment that are near failure. The staff also works closely with other groups such as the HPC Core Operations Group and the User Assistance and Outreach Group to ensure that systems are adequately tested and highly performant when installed or upgraded, that they adhere to the ORNL cybersecurity policy, and—most importantly—that they adequately meet the needs of the OLCF user community.

Meet the High-Performance Computing and Data Operations Team

Paul Abston

Data Center Manager and OCR Team Lead

Sharon Allen

Group Secretary

Philip Curtis

HPC Linux/Storage System Administrator

Colin Dietz

Linux Systems Engineer

Clay England

System Administrator

Matt Ezell

HPC Systems Administrator

Gregg Gawinski

HPC UNIX/Storage System Administrator

Jesse Hanley

HPC Unix/Storage System Administrator

Jason Kincl

HPC Linux Systems Engineer

Jaren Kuchta

HPC Linux Systems Engineer

Dustin Leverman

HPC Systems Administrator

John Long

HPC Systems Administrator

Don Maxwell

HPC Systems Administrator

Brenna Miller

HPC Systems Engineer

Chris Muzyn

HPC Systems Administrator

Jeff Niles

HPC Storage Systems Engineer

Paul Peltz

Senior HPC Systems Engineer-HPC Ops

Rich Ray

HPC Systems Administrator

Jeremy Rogers

HPC Systems Administrator

Sergey Shpanskiy

HPC Systems Administrator

Lawrence Sorrillo

HPC Systems Linux Cluster Administrator

Kevin Thach

Group Leader, High-Performance Computing Operations

Joseph Voss

HPC Linux Systems Engineer

Tony Walsh

HPC Linux Systems Engineer - Clusters

Brian Zachary

Scalable Protected Systems Architect

Group R&D Activities

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