Titan Helps Unpuzzle Decades-Old Plutonium Perplexities
Titan Helps Unpuzzle Decades-Old Plutonium Perplexities

A team of condensed matter theorists at Rutgers University used nearly 10 million Titan core hours to calculate the electronic and magnetic structure of plutonium using a combination of density functional theory calculations and the leading-edge dynamical mean field theory technique.

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Code Speedup Strengthens Researchers’ Grasp of Neutrons
[August 18, 2015 | 9:28 am]

A team led by James Vary of Iowa State University leveraged Titan to simulate clusters of neutrons called “neutron drops” to understand their properties better.

July 29, 2015 - 8:42 am


On the Road to Summit
[September 29, 2015 | 12:18 pm]

Following the Summit announcement, OLCF staff have been making infrastructure changes to accommodate Summit. The OLCF has already hit several major milestones on the way to building Summit.

September 9, 2015 - 9:20 am
July 29, 2015 - 9:45 am


Campbell to Receive “40 Under 40” Safety Award
[September 29, 2015 | 12:12 pm]

John Campbell, CSP, the safety professional assigned to the Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility , will be recognized this week by the National Safety Council as one of its Rising Stars of Safety. Campbell is being named to the 2015 “40 Under 40” class.