Six candidates are running for three open positions on the Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility’s (OLCF’s) User Group (OUG) Executive Board. The OUG Executive Board represents the needs of users and provides feedback on services and resources to OLCF leadership.

OLCF users are asked to vote for their top three candidates. Voting will be online beginning on Monday, October 17 and continuing until Tuesday, October 18 at 23:59 AOE. The URL for voting will be distributed to users via email on Monday, October 17.

Following are statements provided by the candidates:

Ana Cunha, University of Antwerp
“In SURF Research & Innovation (Dutch Super computer center) as a domain scientist I had responsibilities in the field of Computational Bio Medicine (ReaxPro, and CompBioMed) and preparing computational scientists to be able to use the future high-performance computer architectures. Currently I am a Professor at the University of Antwerp, and a collaborator for the PRACE training, and EUROCC training, and of the SURF innovation Lab together with AMD.”

Mark Coletti, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
“I am a computer scientist with a research focus on scaling evolutionary algorithms (EA) on HPC platforms, and I have experience pushing EAs to their limits on Titan and Summit. I previously spent 17 years as a software engineer working on systems for the USGS, NOAA, and the US Army. I will bring my skills to the OLCF Users Group Executive Board to guide in the next generation of supercomputers and to also address other user needs, such as facilitating data sharing and workflow support.”

Coen de Graaf, Universitat Rovira i Virgili
“I have been using the HPC facilities at ORNL for about three years now, first as PI on a DD program and the last year with an INCITE project (CHM154). Furthermore, I have experience with HPC computers in Europe: JuwelsBooster, MareNostrum and PizDaint. As member of the user group executive board I will do my best to contribute to an optimal user experience of the HPC facilities. Special attention needs to be paid to the upcoming gradual change from Summit to Frontier.”

Eric Nielsen, NASA Langley Research Center
“It would be a pleasure to continue serving on the OUG board for another three years. I have participated since 2019 and currently serve in the Chair role. It has been both enlightening and humbling to see the breadth of activities going on across the OLCF and I would enjoy being one small voice for another term! I believe I can bring a valuable perspective from a different federal agency who also relies extensively on HPC for its mission objectives.”

Sarat Sreepathi, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
“I’m a Computer Scientist at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, a Senior member of ACM and IEEE and have previously served as the Chair of the OLCF User Group Executive Board (2020-2021). Throughout my career, I actively collaborated with researchers from diverse areas to address scientific computing challenges (climate, fusion, environmental science and engineering). I would request the opportunity to serve as an advocate for OLCF users leveraging my application co-design experience.”

David Trebotich, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
“I have been an OLCF user for over 10 years. As application code development lead for the ECP Subsurface project my usage of OLCF machines has ramped up significantly over the past year in anticipation of Frontier. I would like to serve other OLCF users by sharing experiences gained from performance portability and engineering on the new exascale platform and from execution of an end-to-end workflow for multiscale, multiphysics modeling and simulation at scale.”