The purpose of OLCF User Group (OUG) is to provide advice and feedback to the OLCF on the current and future state of OLCF operations and services. A 10-member OUG Executive Board will represent the OUG to the OLCF and serve as advocates for the OLCF user community. The charter detailing the Executive Board’s duties and the function of the OUG can be found at

All principal investigators and users on approved OLCF user projects are automatically part of the OUG, and will remain so for three years following the conclusion of their OLCF projects. All such persons are also eligible for nomination to serve on the OUG Executive Board. OLCF users will elect three Executive Board members from the nominees during the week of the OLCF User Meeting. The term of service for the successful candidates is three years starting beginning at the end of the 2021 User Meeting and continuing through the 2024 User Meeting. Nominations will be taken through May 28, 2021.

OUGEB Nomination Form 2021

Please use this form to nominate yourself to run for the OLCF User Group Executive Board. Voting will take place from June 2-4, 2020.
  • Please state your name as you would like it to appear on the ballot.
  • Your email will not appear on the ballot. We will use this to contact you about election logistics and results.
  • Please give a brief statement about why you want to run for the OLCF User Group Executive Board. Include information about your HPC experience and how you would like to serve the OLCF users. This statement will appear on the ballot to help users decide whether to vote for you. Your statement is limited to 500 characters, which is about 100 words.
  • Please check all the allocation type that you have had at OLCF. This will also appear on the ballot unless you request that we not list it.