Articles Archive for July 2016

[ Jul 26 2016 - 9:25 am ]

A team led by Aurel Bulgac of the University of Washington has developed a novel model for capturing the real-time dynamics of nuclear fission without imposed constraints.

[ Jul 26 2016 - 9:19 am ]

This summer the Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility brought in 29 students whose backgrounds range from computer architecture, to mathematics and statistics, to artificial intelligence.

[ Jul 26 2016 - 9:19 am ]

DOE employees converged on the San Francisco Bay Area for the 22nd annual Bay Area Maker Faire, which ran May 20 to May 22. The OLCF staff took a modified version of Tiny Titan—a mini parallel computer made of several Raspberry Pi computers that helps educate students about the principles of parallel computing—to inspire a new generation of high-performance computing (HPC) enthusiasts.

[ Jul 26 2016 - 9:19 am ]

This past spring Jason Anderson, high-performance computing systems administrator for the Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility, was elected president of the Large Tape Users Group.

[ Jul 26 2016 - 9:18 am ]

Staff members from ORNL and the OLCF once again took leadership roles at the annual Cray User Group meeting,

[ Jul 5 2016 - 9:50 am ]

The US Department of Energy Office of Science has awarded nearly 1 billion processor hours to 22 projects at the Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility.

[ Jul 5 2016 - 8:33 am ]

OLCF’s Advanced Data and Workflow Group and the Computer Science and Mathematics Division’s Scientific Data Group have worked together to scale R—the most commonly used data analytics software in academia and a rising programming language in high-performance computing—to the OLCF’s Rhea, Eos, and Titan systems.

[ Jul 5 2016 - 8:27 am ]

After their work simulating the calcium-48 nucleus, a team led by ORNL’s Gaute Hagen continued its work by moving to a larger, heavier, and more complex isotope—calcium-52—and the results surprised the researchers once again.

[ Jul 5 2016 - 8:25 am ]

One hundred thirty-three people attended the 2016 Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility (OLCF) User Meeting, making it the largest user meeting to date.

[ Jul 5 2016 - 8:21 am ]

Jack Wells, director of science for the Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility, recently served on a panel to discuss the future of high-performance computing (HPC) and its applications in seismology and geophysics.